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Weissman, Nowack, Curry & Wilco is a real estate and business litigation law firm. Nationally known for its community association, commercial and residential real estate,  litigation and default and financial services practices, the firm's attorneys include visionary leaders who have literally "written the book" on real estate contracts and community association law. In addition, the litigation practice is highly regarded for its success and trial experience. The firm has over 55 lawyers practicing throughout the southeast with offices located throughout metropolitan Atlanta.

About the Authors

Rebecca Drube advises condominium and homeowner association boards of directors. She counsels community associations when transitioning from developer to owner control and regarding day-to-day legal issues, such as review of contracts and drafting and amending their legal documents.  Rebecca also helps association board members understand their roles as they relate to such responsibilities as covenant violations, major or repair contracts, and government compliance.  In addition, Rebecca handles representation of community associations in litigation matters.

Rebecca is a member of the State Bar of Georgia and the State Bar of Florida.  She is also a member of the Community Associations Institute of Georgia.  She regularly authors articles for community association-related publications. 


Bill Gourley  works with condominium associations, homeowner associations and property managers on both general counsel and litigation matters. He has extensive experience assisting community associations in covenant enforcement actions and delinquent assessment collection lawsuits.  Bill also has experience defending associations in civil litigation matters, including breach of contract lawsuits, tort actions and mold litigation.  Bill counsels boards of directors on general governance matters, and assists associations with transition from declarant to owner control and day-to-day legal issues, including contract review and drafting and amending governing documents.

Bill is a member of the State Bar of Georgia and the United States District Court Northern District of Georgia. He is also a member of the Georgia Chapter of the Community Associations Institute.

Article List

Avoiding Campaign Sign Controversy in your Community 

It’s summertime and it’s not only the temperature that is heating up. Although the November election is months away, judging by the campaign signs blossoming on front yards throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area, political campaigns are already in full swing. Given the number of signs already out there, your community association may justifiably be wondering if it has any control over campaign signs in the community.

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Don’t Let Your Association Movie Night Turn Into a Fright

Community associations are often on the look-out for easy and low-cost events that bring the community together for socializing and fun. And, what could be easier than a community movie night? What too many associations don’t realize, however, is that the seemingly harmless act of screening a movie in your community association clubhouse may subject the association to liability for copyright infringement.

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Have you met WNCW’s Collection Wizard?  

Weissman, Nowack, Curry & Wilco understands that operating a community association often means that Board members and property managers work on association business before and after typical business hours. Because of this, you need access to association accounts 24/7. That’s why we developed the Collections Wizard.

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Garnishment Order of September 8, 2015

Television news, newspapers and law firm websites are ablaze with the news that on September 8th, a Federal Judge for the Northern District of Georgia held the process for obtaining a garnishment carried out by Gwinnett County under the Georgia garnishment statute was unconstitutional because it violates the due process rights of debtors. The news stories create the impression that a creditor will no longer be able to collect a debt after obtaining a judgment.

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What Can Your Community Association do about AirBnB?  

Over a year ago, I wrote a blog post about the potential problems that AirBnB and similar short-term leasing websites, such as VRBO and Homeaway, pose for community associations. As explained in that post, Airbnb and its competitors are websites that connect property owners in various cities throughout the world who want to rent all or part of their homes on a short-term basis to travelers looking for temporary lodging in those cities. Since my original post, the number of condominium units and homes available for lease through these websites has only increased. For example, a quick search of AirBnB reveals more than 1,000 available listings in the Atlanta area.

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Coming Soon to a Condominium Association Near You: More Flexible Special Assessments!

In community association legal terminology, a “special assessment” is an assessment imposed against all owners in addition to the regular annual association assessments. There are a variety of reasons that a Board of Directors may want to levy a special assessment, but most commonly special assessments are used to pay for unexpected common area repair costs or to fund expected repairs that exceed available reserves.

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Community Association Taxes, Part Duex 

In the last blog post, we examined whether community associations have to pay income taxes. The natural corollary to that question is the question of whether community associations are required to pay property taxes. The answer to that depends upon whether your community association is a homeowners association or a condominium association. If a homeowners association, the answer is “yes.” If a condominium, the answer is “no.”

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Does the Tax Man Cometh… for Your Community Association?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t have missed the barrage of T.V. and radio commercials telling you that it’s time to file your annual tax returns. While most of us understand that there is no escaping filing personal tax returns, I frequently receive questions from community association clients about whether it is necessary that their community association file a federal tax return...

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A Proxy Primer

The vast majority of community associations routinely use proxies in some way at their annual membership meetings. Given that, it’s not surprising that many of the questions I receive from community association Board members and property managers during annual meeting season involve proxies. In order to assist those of our Board member and property manager readers who are in the midst of annual meeting preparation, this blog post will address some of the most common misconceptions and questions concerning proxies and their use.

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Look Twice Before You Cash That Check!!

Look Twice Before You Cash That Check!! The general rule in community association collections is that any payment on a delinquent account is a good thing, even if the payment is for less than the full amount owed. However, depositing a payment of less than the full amount owed can be dangerous ... read on an learn how not to lose unpaid dues as money down the drain.

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